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Primary Investigators

Hilda Borko Hilda Borko
I am a professor of education at Stanford University. My research explores the process of learning to teach, with an emphasis on changes in novice and experienced teachers’ knowledge and beliefs about teaching and learning, and their classroom practices as they participate in teacher education and professional development programs. My teaching interests are in the related areas of classroom instructional processes, and teacher learning.

Jennifer JacobsJennifer Jacobs
I am a research faculty associate in the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My research interests include teaching practices and beliefs and professional development. In addition to this project, I am working with Nanette Seago and Mark Driscoll to develop video case materials for teacher professional development in the area of geometry.

KarenKaren Koellner
I am an associate professor in mathematics education at the University of Colorado Denver. My research focuses on mathematics teacher development in conjunction with students’ mathematical thinking. My teaching interests center on teaching mathematics effectively for all students, teacher interpretations of student thinking using developmental frameworks, and the integration of literacy and mathematics. I am particularly interested in supporting intellectual community among teachers and students in mathematics.

Ed Wiley Ed Wiley
I am an assistant professor of quantitative methods in educational policy at the University of Colorado-Boulder. My research centers on statistical development as well as analysis in the areas of value-added assessment, systems of school accountability, and teacher and principal quality and compensation.

Graduate Students

erinErin Baldinger
I am a graduate student at Stanford University in mathematics education. My research interests center on math teacher education. In particular, I am interested in understanding the knowledge teachers need in order to teach math well. Previously, I taught middle school mathematics.

Melissa ColsmanMelissa Colsman
I am a doctoral student at the University of Colorado Denver in the Educational Leadership and Innovation program working with Dr. Karen Koellner in math education. I am currently the math content specialist at the Colorado Department of Education. My interest is in teacher learning around supporting struggling learners in mathematics.

Rachael Risley
I am a graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver in Educational Leadership and Innovation with an emphasis on mathematics education. I am also an elementary mathematics instructional coordinator in Aurora Colorado where my work is focused on job embedded professional development in mathematics.

Sarah Roberts
I'm a former middle school and high school mathematics and science teacher who currently works on the STAAR project as a researcher of the professional development program at CU Boulder.

Adam Van Iwaarden

Professional Staff

Cecily Abel
Project Manager

Former Contributors

Kimberly Bunning
Eric Eiteljorg
Jeffrey Frykholm
Mary Nelson
Mary Pittman
Craig Schneider
Christine Willis
Aaron Young


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