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During Workshop 1, teachers collaboratively solve the mathematical task and develop plans for teaching it to their own students. The goals of this workshop are to help teachers develop strong planning skills and deeper knowledge of the subject matter.

 After the first workshop, teachers implement the problem with their own students and their lessons are videotaped. The facilitators then carefully select video clips for use in Workshops 2 and 3, which highlight key moments in the instruction and students’ thinking about the problem.

Workshops 2 and 3 focus on the teachers’ classroom experiences and rely heavily on the selected video clips. The goals of these two workshops are to help teachers learn more about the mathematical concepts and skills entailed in the problem, to learn how to build on student thinking, and to explore a variety of instructional strategies for teaching the problem.

Workshop Goals Activities Knowledge
Develop professional learning community Introduction to PSC and video analysis  
1 Develop content necessary to teach the PSC problem effectively in the classroom Solve problem, debrief strategies, plan lesson
Specialized content
Pedagogical content
Analyze student thinking in terms of the mathematics of the PSC problem
Analyze video, focusing on the student thinking
Pedagogical content knowledge (content & students)
Analyze teacher’s instructional practices when implementing the PSC problem
Analyze video, focusing on instructional practices
Pedagogical content knowledge (content & teaching)


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